Explanatory notes
1) - Standard license
  The standard license includes all DEA models advertised on our website, including Malmquist indices. It excludes only the optional add-on models above.
2) - Optional add on models
  The three optional add-on components can be purchased independently of each other.
The cost is 10% of the standard license price per module if purchased at the same time as the standard software.
Otherwise an additional administrative charge of £50 per order for one or more components applies, unless the client has annual maintenance.
3) - Permitted installations
  Each license enables the user to install the software twice (e.g. on a desktop and a laptop.) The user must be connected to the internet at the time of installation.
4) - Additional licenses
  Additional licenses ordered at the same time as the first license cost as follows:
- 1st Copy - Full Price,
- Further Copies - 30% discount
Those with valid maintenance can have these discounts whenever they order additional licenses.
5) - Network licenses
  Network licenses are available at 3 times the single (academic/non-academic) license plus options price .A network license enables a maximum of 30 computers. The computers must be connected to the internet at run time.
6) - Non academic licenses
  Non academic licenses are available at twice the cost of the corresponding academic license plus options price.
7) - Maintenance
  All orders get 3 months free support from the time of purchase. Annual maintenance for the subsequent period can be ordered at the cost of 15% of the aggregate price of the licenses and add-on options. Maintenance relates to the functioning of the software and not to consultancy on running assessments using the software.
8) - Delivery
  All software will be delivered via FTP download, free of charge.
9) - Alterations to prices, terms and conditions
  PIM Ltd reserves the right to alter prices and terms and conditions without notice